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Why You Need Ransomware Protection

Ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, roughly 58% of U.S. organizations got hit with ransomware in 2021. This may lead you to ask yourself, “how and why is ransomware so common?”. Unfortunately, if your business doesn’t use efficient cybersecurity, backup solutions, or disaster recovery services, the only choice you might have to get your data back is to pay the ransom. And, on top of paying out an enormous fund to the attacker, most victims only receive 65% of their data back. Until attackers stop getting paid, ransomware will not be going away.

Why Customers Trust Data-Tech For Ransomware Protection

Ransomware protection has become a must have for business owners in all industries. With that being said, some industries might take cybersecurity more serious than others, due to the information and data they work with. Fortunately, Data-Tech focuses on creating solutions that work for all types of companies. Which not only ensures good cyber hygiene, but also promotes trust and reliability for our clients.

Ransomware Protection Tips

How Data-Tech Supplies Ransomware Protection

In order to prevent ransomware, you will need upgraded IT security, a lock down on your remote access, and a segmentation of your network. Data-Tech provides Firewalls, Endpoint Security, and Mobile Device Management to ensure those specific services are covered. In other words, we provide layers of security to prevent and protect your business from attackers.

Data-Tech’s Immediate Recovery Solution

To ensure Business Continuity, Data-Tech offers an immediate recovery solution. Shadow ONE servers start the recovery before a disaster occurs through the use of backups, management, replication, tests, and cloud solutions. Take advantage and download all the features of Shadow ONE below:

Source: Sophos