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Protecting Business-Critical Data From Insider Threats

According to a study by CybSafe, human error, whether intentional or unintentional, was the main reason behind 90 percent of data breaches in 2019. To make matters worse, insider-related cybersecurity incidents have increased 47 percent in the last two years. The new era of technology-driven operations has made information sharing and data access very efficient, […]

Securing Company Data with a Remote Workforce

It was predicted in 2018 by BlueFace, that by 2025 remote work would start competing with office work. Unbeknownst to BlueFace and the rest of the world, the pandemic would accelerate this process tenfold. Businesses were forced to suddenly switch to an almost fully remote workforce. It was like being thrown into the deep end. […]

Benefits of a vCIO

An excellent option for a small business that values technology that is streamlined and properly integrated but isn’t able to afford, or doesn’t need, a full-time CIO.