This year is all about the savings, cutting costs, and getting more bang for your buck. Many companies don’t think about reevaluating their telecommunications, but with savings up to 80%, it’s hard for a business to find a cheaper option than Versa Communicator, Data-Tech’s voice over internet protocol (VoIP). Making the switch from traditional telephone service is the change businesses need to increase performance and lower costs.

What is the Versa Communicator, and why is it taking the tech world by storm as the next wave in telecommunication? 

Versa Communicator is Data-Tech’s version of VoIP. Versa is short for versatility because the Versa Communicator can do much more than just make phone calls. Our Versa Communicator partners with 3CX, which allows the users to conduct web meetings, conferencing, webinars, and live chat. Other features 3CX has is the ability to customize statuses and voicemails and text transcription for voicemails.

The Versa Communicator allows businesses to harness the power of the internet instead of outdated and costly infrastructure. It utilizes power over ethernet, so no extra infrastructure is needed. VoIP converts analog voice signals into digital signals through a broadband connection. For a business to convert to VoIP, all they need is a high-speed internet connection, it’s as simple as that!

Data-Tech can make the transition from traditional phone lines to Versa Communication as painless and straightforward as possible. We will build a customized package based on your business’ needs. As a service, all the support and devices are included in the package.

Contact us to get a free consultation and learn how the Versa Communicator will benefit your business.