IT Services Interview Guide

Guide to Interviewing an IT Services Company

Selecting the right IT Company can be overwhelming. There are many unknowns, and it is an essential element of your business that you want to make sure you get right. Let us help you with some of the vital questions you need to ask when interviewing an IT Services Company/Managed Service Provider.

Questions To Ask When Interviewing an IT Services Company

If you aren’t already experienced with IT, asking the right questions can seem daunting. We wanted to make that easy for you, so below is a list of important questions to ask:

1. How long have you been in business?

Knowing how long a company has been conducting IT Services will help show the experience they hold in the service, support, and solutions that you require.

2. Can the IT Company provide references, reviews, or case studies from other satisfied customers?

There is nothing better than having firsthand experiences from existing customers and getting an account of how satisfied they with the services provided by their support company.

3. What are the typical lengths of your contracts?

Most IT Companies provide contracts with a minimum time commitment or cancellation period. It’s better to look for companies with a shorter contract time in the event you aren’t happy with their services, and you need to look for a new company.

4. What are your response times?

IT Support companies should be able to provide you with reasonable response times in the event of a problem with your IT network. These response times can also vary based on your level of support.

5. How much do your services cost?

Managed IT Support companies should be able to give you a very close estimate as to what it would cost to manage and support your network. Ask them about different levels of service provided, as well as what it would cost to have them come in and “clean up” your network and what it would cost you monthly from that point forward.

6. Do they have their own Data Center?

By having its own data center, an IT company can ensure that they will always have rapid access to your server and not be reliant on a third party.

7. What is the biggest disaster you have faced with a client?

This is an important question. Why did the disaster happen? How did they help the company recover? Was it a documented process, or did they wing it? Emergencies happen, and you want to make sure that your IT provider has a plan to navigate them.

8. What happens if I experience an issue after your office is closed?

Do they offer 24/7 service with a live person at the end of your call? If they do not what is the protocol for getting support during off hours.

9. What is your policy on continuing education for your staff?

This is an excellent way to ensure that these technicians and engineers have their most recent certifications.

10. Do you outsource any of your services?

Finding a Local IT Company that can provide all your IT Services in one place means that they have all the resources available such as staff capabilities, hardware, and infrastructure access. It is best to know if they outsource any of their services. Do the people they outsource to meet all your requirements as well?

11. How do we open a support ticket with you?

Find out the options available when an issue arises. Are you able to make a phone call? Can you send an email? Multiple methods of communication can help simplify the requirements of your team.

Trust is an essential part of the relationship between your business and a Managed IT Service provider. Any potential provider should be able to answer all the above questions in a clear, understandable way, which is the first step to building that trust.

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