“The Rise of Guardian” Hyper-Converged Threat Initiative

Guardian Hyper-Converged Threat InitiativeThe Cyber landscape is changing, technology is evolving faster than protection and the global evolution of digital data is upon us. The threat of cyber-incursion is real and inevitable. An effective cyber-threat defense is not achieved with just hardware or software. Successful defense of your data against cyber-threats is realized through a strategy of leveraging multiple security technologies into an integrated solution.

“Guardian” is Data-Tech’s Cyber-Threat Defense Initiative; a strategic combination of hyper-converged, cutting-edge hardware, software and management, specially assembled by Data-Tech’s CyberCATs team of engineers to provide an intelligent and adaptive IT security system that actually learns as it protects. Data-Tech’s end-to-end security suite covers every aspect of information technology regardless of the endpoint.

Guardian HV Diagram


Data-Tech’s Hyper-Converged Threat Defense Initiative does just that. Building on our Guardian* security program, Data-Tech has partnered with the industry’s leading IT security specialists to create a true end- to-end active cyber-threat defense solution.  Guardian TDI is the culmination of the CyberCATs’ mission to create a cyber-threat defense initiative that fully protects our clients from cyber criminals.

There’s more to enterprise security than defending perimeters. We believe that an IT security strategy aligned to the specific needs of your business is essential to future growth and innovation. Our solutions help you:

  • Protect your whole enterprise, inside and out, efficiently and proactively
  • Comply with internal governance policies and external regulations
  • Enable the adoption of new applications and technology
Data-Tech's Data Center at night.

Data-Tech’s award-winning private Data Center at night.

We help you create and maintain a strong security foundation with interconnected solutions that span the enterprise. From the endpoint to the data center to the cloud, Guardian TDI mitigates the risk and reduces complexity so you can move your business forward with full confidence in your security.

End-to-end cyber-security protection must include mobility management. Mobile Device Management (MDM) and BYOD integration in a secure corporate environment must be considered as an integral component of the cyber defense strategy.  The complexity of MDM and BYOD has left many business enterprises grossly exposed to cyber-threats.  Reference “Cloud Computing: Am I Safe?

Every organization needs to see and control the mobile devices entering their enterprise, whether they are provided by the company or part of a BYOD program. Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the fastest, most comprehensive way to make that happen.

Secure mobility management is a core element of the Guardian TDI project for the CyberCATs.  Partnering with IBM, the CyberCATs have created a pure cloud security solution that is compliant and secure, yet flexible enough to embrace corporate BYOD needs.

Enable greater user productivity and business agility with secure mobility solutions that protect networks, devices and data — all while enhancing the end-user experience. We’ve designed our comprehensive, integrated mobility solutions to deploy, secure and support smartphones & tablets.

    • Protect the network, devices and data, end-to-end, while reducing complexity and risk
    • Eliminate silos by sharing intelligence between key mobile security functions
    • Remove barriers to mobile usage for end users, with transparent security and ease of use


*Please see Terminology page below and visit the Guardian Hyper-Converged Threat Defense Initiative Webpage for more information.


Guardian TDI Features

Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise includes advanced threat prevention, enterprise-class encryption, and authentication. This revolutionary advanced threat prevention offers unparalleled efficacy against zero-day threats, advanced persistent threats and commodity malware. In fact, testing shows that our protection is 99% effective versus an average of only 50% for traditional anti-virus. This suite also includes exclusive, patent-pending BIOS check technology to notify IT of potential BIOS tampering on select commercial systems.

Data EncryptionEncryption

Protect information on any device and in the cloud with data-centric endpoint encryption. Centrally manage mixed IT environments with Guardian Premium, which includes our server-based data security console for administration, programmable triggers, audits, reports, compliance certificates and logs.

Set up and manage secure encryption at a local PC level with Guardian Core. The Guardian Management System is a single, configurable, web-based management tool allowing you to remotely secure the vulnerable mobile devices in your organization, including those devices owned by employees. Built for iPhone and iPads, Android phones and tablets, Windows and Mac PCs, and USB storage, Guardian Core modules can be added instantaneously to your account/web console as you need them.

Designed to be easy enough for an IT staff of one to deploy and manage, and transparent to users to promote maximum employee productivity, this innovative approach to device security dispels the reputation earned by other products on the market. And because it’s a service, the system can grow incrementally as you add more and different devices. Plus, there’s never a need to buy any additional hardware or software to manage your security, external media, self-encrypting drives, Microsoft® BitLocker™ and servers.

Basic Features Included:

  • Customizable reporting of status and device risks/conditions
  • Remote enforcement of password and security policy
  • Full encryption of all sensitive data on the devices
  • Immediate data access elimination with instant, administrator-enabled remote restoration
  • Complete data wipe capability when devices are stolen
  • Broad range of both administrator-enabled and automatic security responses to threat conditions

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Secure Mobile Device ManagementGuardian TDI simplifies MDM and supports BYOD with rapid deployment, as well as comprehensive visibility and control that spans across mobile devices, applications, and documents. Supported devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Kindle Fire.

  • Centrally manage mobile devices and provide a unified console for smartphones and tablets with centralized policy and control across multiple platforms.
  • Mobility Intelligence dashboards deliver an interactive, graphical summary of your operations and compliance, allowing IT to report in real-time across the entire enterprise.
  • Diagnose and resolve device, user or app issues in real time.
  • Proactively secure mobile devices with dynamic security and compliance features: Continuously monitor devices and take action.
  • Rapidly enroll mobile devices: MDM streamlines the platform set-up and device enrollment process to make life simple for IT and employees.

Guardian Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) combines device, app and content management with strong security to simplify how you go mobile.  The Guardian Management Suite enables you to view and control the mobile devices and apps entering your organization. The software offers enterprise mobile device, application and expense management from a single screen. With Guardian EMM, you can gain visibility into the usage and status of mobile devices, while securing data and controlling costs.

Guardian EMM Features

  • Deploy Devices & Apps
    • Enroll, set policies, distribute apps and support users remotely for iOS, Android and Windows.
  • Secure Collaboration
    • Deliver a trusted workplace for email, apps, content and the web with a seamless mobile user experience.
  • Control Content
    • Give employees centralized access to view, edit and sync work documents from their mobile devices, securely.
  • Stop Advanced Threats
    • Detect, analyze and remediate risks from malware and jailbreak / root device attempts, with centrally automated actions.
  • Protect your Infrastructure
    • Provide controlled access to corporate networks and cloud services with Single Sign-On and Identity Management.


*Hyperconvergence (hyper convergence) is a type of infrastructure system with a software-centric architecture that tightly integrates computer, storage, networking and virtualization resources as well as additional technologies from scratch in a commodity hardware box supported by a single vendor.

*Guardian is one of our protection Versa-Bots created by our CyberCATS division of elite IT engineers. Guardian is working 24 x 7 to protect you from viruses and malware that may try to infect your system. Guardian is evolving, and is now part of the Hyper-Converged Cyber-Threat Defense Initiative. 

*BYOD – Bring Your Own Device refers to when employees use their personal devices to access company data.  This can be as simple as corporate email, but often includes accessing the company’s cloud applications and the corporate Wi-Fi network.

*MDM – Mobile Device Management refers to the management and security of mobile corporate assets (which often includes BYOD). Potential devices include cell phones, tablets, notebooks as well as IoT devices.

*IoT – refers to the ever-growing network of physical objects that feature an IP address for internet connectivity, and the communication that occurs between these objects and other Internet-enabled devices and systems.

Comprehensive, Scalable, Integrated

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