Regulatory Compliance and Security

Every industry must comply with federal and state regulations that address data security, and these are particularly relevant in the healthcare, legal, finance and banking sectors. Regulatory compliance is an organization’s adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business. Violations of regulatory compliance regulations often result in legal punishment, including federal fines.


Regulatory ComplianceData-Tech’s solutions can help your organization reduce the costs and complexity of network security, improve security posture, and reduce the compliance burden. Regulatory compliance is a critical concern for many organizations.   However, implementing the proper security controls and demonstrating compliance can be very costly. What organizations need to minimize the costs associated with regulatory compliance is an automated, comprehensive, real-time security control and reporting system.

Automation and centralized management reduce error, simplify administrative tasks and reduce costs. And by sparing you the burden of having to manage network security and regulation compliance, Data-Tech delivers managed security that makes it easier for you to focus on your core business. That translates to increased productivity and, ultimately, the potential to boost profits.

Data-Tech offers an all-in-one managed security service that removes much of the complicated integration and implementation work typically involved in setting up a security infrastructure. The service addresses the previously discussed security requirements related to user access, network inviolability, leak prevention, data location and policy management.

Fully integrated with the Kaseya IT Automation Frame- work, the low-cost, high-margin offering centralizes management of the security infrastructure, letting Data-Tech manage and monitor security for our clients’ IT assets anywhere on the Internet through a browser. The service automates a range of IT security-related tasks and processes, including endpoint scanning of known viruses and malware, sophisticated heuristics assessments designed to catch previously unidentified threats, and patch management and testing.

Software deployment and updates also are centralized to facilitate compliance with internal security policies and with relevant state and federal regulations. A scripting engine automates the management of remediation policies so that when a new threat is discovered, a new script is written to address it. Scripts then can be applied to harden servers and systems, fixing vulnerabilities while improving and updating the overall security infrastructure.

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