Shadow Shield

Affordable Streamlined Connectivity AND Security
for Small and Remote Offices

Today, with the explosion of cloud computing, we have a completely redefined vision of IT. Organizations are diversifying their IT infrastructure and moving from a physical to a mix of physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud environments. This transformation brings about new challenges in achieving secure and consistent connectivity across different IT systems, cloud services, and a plethora of devices.

Check out a very informative White Paper on this subject, written by Data-Tech President and CEO Chris Lietz!

Remote Challenges

BYODDependency on diverse access to remote applications and data has become a huge priority. Anyone that experiences this on a daily basis knows all too well the headaches that come with relying on a connection to a Domain Controller at a different location.  In many cases, the connectivity is spotty at best–which not only cuts down productivity, but also creates a security nightmare.

For remote offices with a master domain at another location, Shadow Shield optimizes network performance by providing LOCAL security and authentication.

Shadow ShieldClick here to read more on Shadow Shield AD Security Server

This small, but powerful piece of hardware actually replicates the primary server, or Domain Controller, at a different location (typically a home office).

Why is this important? 2 reasons:

Cloud Security

Security and Connectivity

Centralized Security is a critical part of today’s IT Infrastructure, even on small networks. Shadow Shield AD Security Server allows your local network to achieve the latest in Network Security, provided by Server 2012.  Shield is specially designed to extend corporate network security to remote offices. Local intelligent routing and Authentication keeps tighter control of remote offices.

Shadow Shield AD Security Server delivers todays mission critical connectivity AND security. Better yet, Data-Tech is now offering this streamlined solution AS-A-SERVICE, which means NO upfront hardware costs and a simple, affordable monthly payment. 

What does As-a-Service mean anyway?

View as PDF: Shadow Shield Solution Brief

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