Managed IT Services Benefits


In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to fall behind.  A partnership with Data-Tech backed by our Versa Services programs will solve all of that. When businesses are looking for a managed services provider, they are typically looking to resolve significant pain points and weaknesses in their IT infrastructure. Data-Tech’s Versa Services programs provides benefits to your IT needs by:

  • Monitoring the critical health status of devices and applications
  • Remotely diagnosing problems before they occur
  • Immediate resolution of the problem
  • Pro-Active Service Schedule with Versa Elite Self Healing Agents


The Versa Services Program will reduce downtime by dramatically shortening the time from failure to resolution. With Versa we monitor the availability of your critical services through our VersaMonitor® system and at the first sign of trouble immediately inform you of the issue, or our technicians will automatically begin the remediation process  – you’ll never know there was a failure!

Key Benefits of our Managed IT Services Plan

Self -Healing Agents
Versa Services Self Healing Software is capable of detecting,  reacting and repairing detected  malfunctions automatically

Server Monitoring
Easily and effectively monitor and manage the health of one of the most critical business systems – the server. Versa Services Remote Management  Server Monitoring helps you avoid the risks of expensive remedial action and reputational damage through proactive monitoring of server security, hardware and disk, performance, applications and bespoke software.

Network Monitoring
Versa Services provides a comprehensive range of Network Monitoring and Performance Management solutions to help you manage network performance more effectively with SNMP monitoring, network device connectivity checks, TCP service monitoring and network security.

Workstation Monitoring
With Versa Services’s Workstation Monitoring you can spot periodic workstation problems and fix them fast, ensuring optimum availability for all users and keeping business ticking along smoothly.

Patch Management
Versa Services’s Patch Management tools streamline automation and management of Microsoft software updates/patches – it’s easy to set-up and very affordable!

Versa Services Reporting tools produce professional, graphical reports that you can use to spot trends in system performance and demonstrate the need for upgrades or replacements.

Remote Access
Versa Services ‘Take Control’ feature allows one-click remote support for servers and workstations.  Accessed through the dashboard, you can perform both attended and un-attended work on servers and workstations without leaving your desk.

Alerting and Viewing
Versa Services Alerting and Viewing options help you stay on top of the networks you manage round the clock, in a way that suits you best. Get alerted to issues with Instant Email and SMS Alerts the moment Versa Services detects a problem, and view the status of all your clients on the online Dashboard on your PC, a cell phone with the MiniDash view or on a large screen in your office with the WallChart.

Asset Tracking
With Versa Services’s IT Asset Tracking you can perform automatic scans of your customers’ networks. Fully integrated with your Versa Services Dashboard, you’ll be able to view detailed information about your client’s software and hardware assets from one single interface – wherever you are

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