Dell SonicWall GMS

Manage all of your security solutions, centrally and in real time. Flexible, powerful and intuitive management and reporting options. Hardware, software and virtual appliance solutions extend SonicWALL security products and services, helping you optimize security, manage growth and ease administration.

Centrally manage select SonicWALL solutions, from a single dashboard in real-time. Deploy it as software, hardware, or a virtual appliance. For enterprise, this lowers the cost of risk management, creating potential for more revenue.


Comprehensive protection against a multitude of threats.

Network attackers have become more sophisticated, and their attacks more targeted. Many of today’s attacks are blended attacks, which use multiple techniques to try to infiltrate a network. While organizations need an array of techniques to combat blended attacks, managing multiple, separate security tools can be overwhelming, inefficient and expensive. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is the best security approach for small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), bringing a new level of efficiency to the security field. (Target, Home Depot, etc)

Layered protection.

SonicWALL’s approach to UTM creates a security environment that delivers firewalling, content protection, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, Application Intelligence, anti-spam, content filtering and SSL VPN on a single hardware platform. Protection starts at the gateway and blocks both internal and external threats at multiple access points and at all network layers.

SonicWALL Global Management System (GMS)

With SonicWall Standard Edition:

  • Get alerts from your firewalls deployed in the field when they go offline, or are modified without your consent.
  • Manage and maintain their subscriptions and registrations to the services that SonicWall provides.
  • Update the firmware on your devices remotely through the GMS server.
  • Automatically and manually backup the device to the GMS server to keep backups safe.
  • Make changes across all your SonicWalls at the same time.

Add SonicWall GMS Enterprise and you’ll be able to get reports in 10 key areas on your SonicWalls in addition to the management features listed above.

  • System Uptime
  • Bandwidth Usage
  • Top Users of Bandwidth
  • Web Activity By Time
  • Web Usage Top Sites
  • Top Web Users
  • Top Websites By User
  • Top Websites By Category
  • Firewall Uptime Status
  • Firewall Downtime Status


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