Shared Cloud Hosting, Powered by Data-Tech

Shared CloudThe next generation of Shared Hosting is here… Shared Cloud! Data-Tech’s Shared Cloud is deployed on our state-of-the-Internet Cloud Hosting System – allowing customers to “Share” a Cloud Server.

Shared Cloud improves performance, reliability, and scalability over what can often be expected of conventional Shared Hosting with other providers.


Shared Cloud Hosting

Data-Tech’s Shared Cloud is a Cloud Computing Solution built on massively scalable, multi-tenant infrastructure, providing you access to a secure, enterprise-class cloud environment that features built-in high availability and automated resource balancing.

Our shared version of the Cloud delivers resources, applications, and servers, when and where you need them. Instead of buying costly, cumbersome individual servers, you will have access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, powered from our enterprise-class data center, for processing, storage, networking and security, which allows you to deploy infrastructure capacity on demand.

Data-Tech offers a variety of Cloud-based email, productivity, and data backup solutions to the Tampa Bay area that are tailored specifically for your business’ needs. Not only can we help with the selection and implementation of Cloud Services, but we also provide 24-hour support for all your Cloud-based software applications.

Shared Cloud Services