Shadow Server Disaster Recovery and
Business Continuity Solution

Data-Tech and StorageCraft

(View as .PDF: Shadow Server Business Continuity Sales Flyer)

Data-Tech’s Shadow Server provides Immediate Server Recovery with Co-Location Options

Shadow ServerShadow Recovery Servers are Virtual Host Servers that store dark or offline virtual images of servers for near instant recovery of a failure. Designed to be a cost effective solution for Business Continuity.

Shadow Protect software is used to make full image backups of servers and replicate those images to Shadow Recovery Servers for near instant recovery.


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BDR L1 Small Business

  • 2 Replicated Servers
  • 4 Terabytes of Storage
  • Daily Status Reports
  • 2 Shadow Recovery Licenses
  • CyberCAT Engineers


BDR L2 Enterprise Business

  • 6 Replicated Servers
  • 8 Terabytes of Storage
  • Daily Status Reports
  • 6 Shadow Recovery Licenses
  • CyberCAT Engineers

*Custom Configuration and Multi-Location Solutions Available

Shadow Server Features

  • Virtual Servers On Demand
  • Backup: Recover-Ability starts before the disaster occurs
  • Manage: Take control of your entire Data Environment
  • Replicate: Complete copies of your data and system environment
  • Test: Schedule disaster recovery testing. Onsite and Offsite.
  • Recover: Sleep peacefully knowing you can recover quickly

Shadow Cloud Features

  • Co-Location Recovery Option
  • Connects multiple locations to one centralized cloud
  • Industry-leading cloud and network infrastructure services
  • Private, Secure & Compliant Network Infrastructure
  • Direct High Speed Fiber connectivity available
  • CyberCAT Engineers Standing by to assist with recovery