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Private Cloud ServicesData-Tech’s private cloud computing packages combine the flexibility and cost-savings of cloud computing with the security and high availability hosting needed to meet today’s stringent compliance standards. Choose from an affordable, dedicated private cloud package to a fully replicated private cloud, ideal for full disaster recovery in under an hour. Whatever your company’s needs, Data-Tech can work with you to customize your private cloud.


Private Cloud Hosting

Data-Tech’s Private Cloud services are a Cloud computing solution built on fully dedicated (not shared or multi-tenant) infrastructure powered out of our state-of-the-art data center. The private version of Data-Tech’s Cloud is the ideal solution for businesses that have heavy regulatory compliance requirements in place. With Private Cloud, you can take advantage of the benefits of virtualization, like improved utilization and performance, but in a more secure, dedicated environment that still meets your compliance requirements.

The Private Cloud computing option is based on Hyper V; this platform allows one or more physical servers to be partitioned into multiple self-contained virtual machines, each with its own operating system and its own set of applications to meet your needs.

Data-Tech offers a variety of Cloud-based email, productivity, and data backup solutions to the Tampa Bay area that are tailored specifically for your business’ needs. Not only can we help with the selection and implementation of Cloud Services, but we also provide 24-hour support for all your Cloud-based software applications.

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