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Don’t Worry if Your Data is Safe…. KNOW IT IS!

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Guardian Hyper-Converged Threat Initiative

Endpoint Encryption for mobile devices is in high demand today because the cyber-landscape is changing; technology is evolving faster than protection. The global evolution of digital data is here and the threat of cyber incursion is real and inevitable.

A successful Cyber-Threat Defense is not accomplished with just hardware or software. A successful defense of your data requires a strategy of leveraging multiple security technologies into an integrated solution.

Guardian is part of Data-Tech’s Cyber-Threat Defense Initiative; a strategic combination of hyper-converged cutting edge hardware, software and management. It was specially assembled by Data-Tech’s CyberCATs team of engineers to provide an intelligent and adaptive IT security system that actually learns as it protects. Data-Tech’s End-to-End Security Suite covers every aspect of Information Technology regardless of the endpoint.

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Encryption secure enough to protect all your Mobile Devices and priced to protect all your office computers starting at just $4.95 per device.

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Guardian Secure – Recommended for Office PC’s:  $4.95

  • Basic Endpoint Encryption – No Automation
  • Affordable enough to secure every PC in your office
  • Secure enough to give you peace of mind against theft


Guardian Premium – Recommended for Notebook PC’s:  $9.95

  • Enhanced Endpoint Encryption – Automated Triggers
  • Automate your Security with required Cloud Check-In
  • Quarantine or Destroy Endpoints from the Cloud Automatically


Guardian USB Auto Encrypt – Add On:  $2.00

  • Automatically Encrypt USB Devices
  • Require secure transfer of information


Don’t worry if your data is safe…Know it is.

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