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Data-Tech Protecting You From WannaCry

Data-Tech continues to work at protecting customers from the WannaCry ransomware attack – here’s what you need to know. There is a new Ransomware out there, “WannaCry Ransomware” that uses an exploit in the Windows operating system. Microsoft fixed this exploit in March, so all up to date machines are secure. Sonicwall and Sophos have also updated their firewalls to prevent this intrusion as well.... Read More »

[ALERT] Google Docs Phishing Scam Detected

[ALERT] Google Docs Phishing Scam Detected If you receive an email with the subject line:“<some_name> has just shared a Google Doc with you.” do not open or click on anything in it. Our team was just notified about a sophisticated phishing scam that affects Gmail users and is currently making its way through the internet. The email looks like a link to a Google Doc, but it actually gives a 3... Read More »

Don’t Get Reeled In By A Phishing Scam

Phishing is when hackers send bad emails in order to steal your personal details (e.g. your laptop password). It is a type of online scam where criminals send an email that appears to be from a legitimate company asking you to provide sensitive information. This is usually done by including a link that supposedly takes you to the company’s website where you are asked to fill in your information – ... Read More »

Data-Tech to Provide Comprehensive, Next-Generation Cyber Security Solutions From Sophos for business across the state of Florida.

Tampa, Florida, April, 2017 – Data-Tech a leading provider of IT consulting and cyber security solutions today announced that it has joined the Sophos Partner program. This program allows Data-Tech to meet the growing security demands of its customers and prospects in the Florida Market by providing synchronized, next-generation cyber threat protection from Sophos for networks and endpoints, inclu... Read More »

How was I suppose to know it was a fake email!

I have a friend who is in the Real Estate business. Email communication is absolutely vital to their company to be successful. Their 3 offices have 8-10 realtor agents in each office who all log into the same email system, which also holds their data base of clients, prospects and contacts. One of the agents received what appeared to be a legitimate email from the VP of operations. The message rea... Read More »

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