Resolving Quickbooks Errors

Is your client complaining of QuickBooks Errors? Is their QuickBooks File Healthy? Take these steps first.

Is your client complaining of QuickBooks Errors?  Is their QuickBooks File Healthy?  Take these steps first.

1.- Go to the folder that contains the QuickBooks file.

Check the size of the .QBW (QuickBooks Company File), this can be done by pressing F2 once in the file

If the client is in QuickBooks Pro or Premier, it should not exceed 150,000 K (150 MB)

If the client is in QuickBooks Enterprise, it should be under 1,500,000 K (1.5 Gig)

If the client has file sizes larger than the above recommended sizes,

Pro/Premier- Client should be immediately upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise, (Contact Quality Consulting Group for the best pricing)

If in QuickBooks Enterprise, we should schedule a call to discuss the various options.  Tell the client to NEVER EVER perform the QuickBooks Function of CONDENSE.  This will not reduce the file size and it has been linked to disastrous file issues, many of which can’t be resolved without starting a new QuickBooks file.

Look for the file then ends in the extension .TLG.  This is a temporary Transaction Log File (TLG) that when too large, will start causing random errors, file shut downs, etc.

Actions- Close all users out of QuickBooks. (Even the admin)

In the folder, rename that TLG file to .old

Re-open QuickBooks.

Run a simple Backup (Without any verification.  This option is available in the backup steps under Options where you can find the location to setup a backup location.)

Once a good backup is made, go to File, Utilities, Verify Data

If the Verification returns any issues, do not perform a Rebuild unless you are technically trained to know what the errors mean.  Running a Rebuild without knowing what the sum of all the errors represent may cause further file damage.  Contact Quality Consulting Group for further technical assistance.

Determine the Program Year.

2 – QuickBooks only supports the most recent 3 years of QuickBooks Products.  If you or your client has a program older than 3 years, contact Quality Consulting Group for your upgrade consultation.  Failing to keep up with the current 3 editions often results in loss of data, or the inability to upgrade the data to the newer versions.  With the advances in software technology, keeping current is crucial.

If you are experiencing issues or are concerned about your QuickBooks file please reach out:

Kelli Frey
Program Manager