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Today’s business, demands constant connectivity, maximum availability and improved mobility. To meet these demands, you have to innovate and transcend platforms. Leveraging cloud technology doesn’t come without its complexities, luckily you can count on Data-Tech. As one of Tampa’s leading cloud service providers, our secure cloud services are designed to provide easy, scalable access to applications, resources and services.

We’ve been providing and supporting cloud solutions for more than 16 years. We use our expertise to find and implement the best cloud infrastructure for your business. Data-Tech’s cloud managed services gives you access to more than 250+ applications that are accessible 24/7 from any location with an internet connection. We make support, licensing and administration seamless and cost-effective for businesses. Whether we host your servers, upgrade your phone systems or open up the world of Microsoft Office 365 for your employees, our cloud managed services create more possibilities.

What Do You Get with Cloud Managed Services?

  • Remote Access

         Access your business applications from anywhere in the world with            an Internet connection, day or night.

  • Controlled Costs

        Roll licensing fees and other expenses into one set monthly cost that          works for your budget. ​

  • Greater Security

        ​We ensure the highest levels of physical and cybersecurity in our                private data center.

  • Easy Scalability

        Adding access to cloud-hosted applications for new users is a quick          and simple process.

  • Improved Collaboration

        Give your team the power to work together on projects in real time              with help from the cloud. 

  • Business Continuity

        When you face a disaster, your data and mission-critical applications          will still be available and ready to use.  

  • Automated Updates

        We upgrade your applications as soon as updates or patches                      become available, saving you time.

  • Consistent Uptime

        We implement redundancies, dual-powered equipment and multiple            uplinks to ensure 99.95% availability.

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